Badar-Kauffman Conference

The 2022 Badar-Kauffman Conference will be March 23rd-25th at the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center

The goal of the Badar-Kauffman Conference is to provide a highly interactive learning experience that is useful to both presenters and audience members alike. All participants in the Badar-Kauffman Conference have the shared goal of advancing the rigor and utility of scientific research, logical thinking, and conceptual analysis in special education. Attendees are expected to engage with presenters in critical discussion on conceptual, methodological and practical issues in current research and analysis in special education. This conference is designed for students, faculty and professionals who are interested in learning from internationally renowned luminaries in special education and related fields.

Presenters are encouraged to submit work that is in-process as the major aim of Badar-Kauffman Conference is to improve research and special education through formative peer feedback and support.

2022 Calls for Proposals and Presentations

The Badar-Kauffman Conference Committee invites proposals that represent research and conceptual analyses that are challenging, innovative, and/or controversial. There are two types of program offerings: oral and poster sessions.

  • Oral presentations: Limited to those that hold academic rank at a university or other research institution (e.g. AIR, IES, Metametrics). Submissions for oral presentations may be made by individuals presenting a single study or a group of presentations around a single theme. The conference committee may group individual submissions accepted for presentation with other similar presentations around a central theme.
  • Poster presentations: Highly interactive presentations of work from experienced (faculty) and emerging scholars (doctoral students). Poster submissions should clearly describe theoretical foundation, research questions, method, results (if available), analytic strategy, and interpretation of results.

The deadline for 2022 proposals and presentations in October 1st, 2021.




Have questions or concerns? Contact Dr. Nathan Stevenson at or 330-672-0607