Educational Streaming Consumption

Educational Streaming Consumption

This microcredential focuses on live shows that can support instructional practices across different content areas and learning contexts, ranging from K-12 education to professional development at the corporate level. The goal is to show the educational materials that are already available for educators to use.

CREDENTIAL: Educational Live Streaming
CREDITS: 1.0 CEU (10 hours)
AUTHOR: Dr. Enrico Gandolfi



How to Earn This Microcredential

Participants will need to submit evidence related to learning, implementing, and reflecting on technology consumption in the classroom. This includes a written overview of the advantages and disadvantages of educational streaming, presentation materials to be given or a presentation actually given to other stakeholders, and a reflection on lessons learned in this microcredential.


Participants submitting this microcredential for review will be assessed an administrative fee of $50. Participants who successfully complete the microcredential will receive a certificate showing completion of 1.0 CEU.