EHHS Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs) were created under Ohio law to review coursework and professional development activities completed by educators to determine if state certification and licensure requirements have been met. The primary responsibility of the LPDC is to review educators’ Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) and ensure that the identified goals and strategies are relevant to the needs the educator and the audience they serve.

Who must work through the LPDC?

All educators (teaching, non-teaching, and associate personnel, including interpreters and treasurers) who:

  • Hold a certificate, professional or an associate or career technical workforce development 5-year license; and
  • Are employed full- or part-time in the school, school district, agency or institution the LPDC represents; and
  • Wish to fulfill the license renewal requirements

Who is exempt from working through the LPDC?

These individuals are exempt from working through an LPDC:

  • Resident Educators and Alternative Resident Educator license holders
  • Provisional Career Technical Workforce Development license holders
  • Alternative Administrative Educator license holders
  • Supplemental or 1-Year Out-of-Sate license holders
  • Professional Pupil Services license holders (including school nurses, school social workers and school speech-language pathologists)
  • Permanent certificate license holders

The Individial Professional DEvelopment Plan (IPDP)

An IPDP is a document prepared by the educator as a record of personal professional development goals and as a document of their achievement. 

IPDP Template

Requirements include: 

Professional development must be completed after the issue date of the license to be renewed.

Standards to reference:

Ohio Standards for Educators

Ohio Standards for Professional Development 

Renew a License

Ohio State Board of Education Directions on How to Renew a License

Use the EHHS LPDC IRN number: 013526

Questions can be directed to: