KSU Teach CS

KSU Teach CS: Innovative Methods for Preparing a New Generation of CS Teachers and Students in Ohio


Program Overview:

Kent State University has put a priority on positively impacting the number of instructors prepared to teach computer science in Ohio schools. This preparation occurs through both preservice teacher education as well as continuing education for those who are already endorsed or those seeking computer science endorsement.  Through a partnership with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, KSU faculty and staff, and partners, are pleased to offer an innovative program that addresses:

  • No-cost tuition for teachers
  • Flexible scheduling through asynchronous, online coursework
  • Peer support through an innovative cohort model
  • Practical application of CS principles to their teaching
  • Just-in-time training for emergency licensure or continued professional development
  • Recognition of their advanced professional development beyond endorsement

PROGRAM options

Tentative schedules

Questions? pd@kent.edu