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MiniPD is professional learning content, resources and services by international education practitionersfor international education practitioners.  With a global community of learners and coaches, we make the learning experience more personalflexible and equitable.

MiniPD aspires to innovate the model of professional learning at schools by integrating coaching with purposefully-created e-courses, in order to bring flexible, equitable and personalized learning opportunities to PreK-12 educators.

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MiniPD participants can earn graduate credit from Kent State University. For each credit:

  • Complete 12 hours of MiniPD courses 
    • Each Core Course equates to 4 hours, and each MiniCourse equates to 1 hour
  • Register for graduate credit within 30 days prior to completing your last MiniPD course 
    • Missed the deadline? Contact for an exception.
  • Pay $165 to Kent State University with directions provided upon registration
  • Gather evidence of learning from each course that includes:
    • Link to completion certificates for each course completed (Core and MiniCourses adding up to 12 hours.  Each Core Course equates to 4 hours, and each MiniCourse equates to 1 hour.)
    • Completed Learning Log found in each course 
    • Due date and submission information will be sent to participant upon registration

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