Student-led Streaming

Student-led Streaming

This microcredential will explore how students and trainees can be involved with streaming production processes and dynamics.  This content aims at introducing educators to best strategies in making their learning audiences an active component of the instructional process.

CREDENTIAL: Educational Live Streaming
CREDITS: 1.0 CEU (10 hours)
AUTHOR: Dr. Enrico Gandolfi



How to Earn This Microcredential

Participants will need to submit evidence related to learning, implementing, and reflecting on involving real or hypothetical students with the educational live streaming process. This includes showing evidence of how students can play an active role in learning processes through lessons plans, reflective statements, or concrete examples of these efforts.   


Participants submitting this microcredential for review will be assessed an administrative fee of $50. Participants who successfully complete the microcredential will receive a certificate showing completion of 1.0 CEU.