How often does Mozy back-up my files? Do I need to start it? How does it work?

The time that the initial back-up of Mozy will take depends on how much data you have on your computer. In the tests that I have performed, 400-500 megabytes per hour seems to be the peak transfer speed. If you do not have many documents or data on your computer please expect a minimum of 2-3 hours for your back-up to complete. The initial set of computers that Mozy was installed on in EHHS took three to four days of normal computer use to complete the initial back-up. 

After the initial back-up, Mozy will start the back-up process every two hours automatically. You do not need to perform any actions in order for the back-up to be processed. The back-ups are performed incrementally; so, only changes since the last back-up are transferred to Mozy’s storage.

What are the benefits of having Mozy?

Mozy is in place to secure your data and documents. The intention is to safeguard the hours of time spent fine-tuning your course syllabi, the transcriptions completed by you or your GA, or the untold value and impossible to duplicate research data that you may have. It will protect those items and so much more from being lost or destroyed.   Mozy also provides you with a means to easily access and reference your documents and data, so if you happen to forget your USB drive before class you can access the day’s PowerPoint set from the web.

What is Mozy?

Mozy can be used to refer to the software that is installed to protect and back-up your computer, but it can also be used to refer to the company that created and maintains the software and back-up system. Mozy will back-up nearly every file that is unique to your computer, so all of your research, course materials, and other relevant data will be stored safely off-campus to prevent against data loss. Questions about the security of Mozy can be found here.