Faculty/ Staff Refresh

Refresh Program Information

There are two types of refresh programs for Education, Health and Human Services.  The two types of refresh programs are:


  1. For Staff Members/ GA's
  2. For Faculty Members


Refresh for Staff Members/ GA's

This refresh program is based off of computer availability and will require one of the technicians to verify your current system and make sure there is not an alternate solution for the issues with your system.  Please make sure to reference any tech tickets that you have placed regarding your system in the notes section when filling out and submitting the form. 


Refresh for Faculty members

Refresh for Faculty Members is a university based refresh system.  It occurs every three years for full time NTT and TT faculty members.   If you believe you should be in the refresh and have not been contacted, please email Chris DiPadova with your questions and concerns. 


We are migrating all of the refresh systems over to this site, so paper and email requests are no longer being accepted as a formal request for new technology. Please feel free to email the tech office if you have any questions, and as always, you may enter a tech ticket.