Staff / GA Refresh Trickle Down Upgrades

About the Staff/ GA refresh program

The Staff/ GA refresh program is a process to allow us to redistribute recovered used devices from the official Faculty Refresh Program to staff who have older, failing equipment. If you believe you have a very dated system and would like IT to evaluate your system, please fill out the form below. Support Services will schedule a day to come to your office and evaluate your device. If it is determined that upgrades or repairs cannot address any performance issues, we will work with you and our current inventory to provide a newer, working system. This program is based fully on the availability of computers we recover from the Faculty Refresh program and is not a formal, supported program such as the Faculty Refresh Program.  

By filling out the form, you are requesting newer computer, a newer computer is not guaranteed. Receiving a newer computer through this process is subject to what useable devices we receive back from the Faculty Refresh project. If we do not recover useable devices, we will not have any that we can redistribute. We will contact you as soon as possible to assess and determine the best way to resolve any issues you are having, or replace your current machine. 

Please click here to fill out the request form.