Faculty Refresh

About the Faculty Refresh Program

The University provides for tenure-track and full time non-tenure track faculty members to receive a new computer on a three year cycle. The computers are provided to ensure that faculty members have up-to-date systems. The refresh program is not a means to provide multiple computers to a faculty member. EHHS has decided that the old computers are to be used to provide trickle-down upgrades for others in the college. If you would like more information regarding Kent State University's faculty refresh program, please see  http://www.kent.edu/is/facultyrefresh.

The Faculty Refresh Process

If you are eligible for a faculty refresh computer, you will be contacted by the EHHS IT Department via email at the beginning of the current Refresh Cycle, and at regular intervals throughout it. Contained in the email will be a Faculty Refresh Form and instructions on how to proceed. You must review your options, complete the form and email it back to Matt Starcher (mstarch6@kent.edu) or Chris DiPadova (cdipadov@kent.edu). Once the Refresh form has been received, we will get final approval from your departmental Director for the request and then place the order. Once an order is placed, we wait for the complete order to ship and be received by us. Once a device is ready to be deployed, we will contact you to schedule a day and time to deploy it to you. During this scheduled time, we will need access to your current device in order to transfer any existing data to the new computer, so be prepared to commit up to 3 hours to allow us access to transition you to your new device.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email Matt Starcher (mstarch6@kent.edu) or Chris DiPadova (cdipadov@kent.edu).  

Your refresh order will not be processed until a completed form has been received.

View the current faculty refresh computer models

The Faculty Refresh Cycles

Faculty Refresh is complete for 2016.  It will resume with Cycle 3 in April of 2017.  

Cycle 1

Last distributed in: 2015
Next distributed in: 2018

Cycle 2

Last distributed in: 2016
Next distributed in: 2019

Cycle 3

Last distributed in: 2014
Next distributed in: 2017