How often does Mozy back-up my files? Do I need to start it? How does it work?

The time that the initial back-up of Mozy will take depends on how much data you have on your computer. In the tests that I have performed, 400-500 megabytes per hour seems to be the peak transfer speed. If you do not have many documents or data on your computer please expect a minimum of 2-3 hours for your back-up to complete. The initial set of computers that Mozy was installed on in EHHS took three to four days of normal computer use to complete the initial back-up. 

After the initial back-up, Mozy will start the back-up process every two hours automatically. You do not need to perform any actions in order for the back-up to be processed. The back-ups are performed incrementally; so, only changes since the last back-up are transferred to Mozy’s storage.