Why is EHHS using Mozy instead of Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Carbonite, or another popular product for computer back-ups?

Mozy has a long history in the area of computer back-ups. There was a long and rigorous process in selecting Mozy, which included input from many higher-level administrators from throughout the university. This process involved analyzing all of the technical and physical processes each company used to protect data and the support capabilities of each company to attend to the needs of a group as large as EHHS.    

Mozy is a cross platform system with support for Apple Macintosh computers running OS X on Intel-processors and multiple iterations of Microsoft Windows running on any type of PC. The company has also expanded to support iOS and Android for accessing data and is exploring other avenues for access on mobile devices. Mozy’s parent company, EMC, is one of the most highly regarded experts in data storage and Mozy utilizes EMC’s technologies in their datacenters.