I am an undergraduate. Who do I talk to about an ECED major?

If you have not been accepted into the Early Childhood Education Program, the place to start is with a professional advising appointment in the Vacca Office of Student Services (VOSS) located in White Hall 304. Michelle Schultz and Shannon Logsdon are the current ECED advisors for UG students. Schedule an appointment online

I have a degree in a non-education major. How do I go about earning the early childhood education teaching degree?

The ECED license is for Preschool through Grade 5. Those holding other degrees can apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in ECED. The program of study for the MAT degree is an 18-month, full-time, academic and field-based program. Find more information about the Master of Arts in Teaching here. For transcript evaluation for that program, please contact: eharwood@kent.edu

I hold an ECED teaching degree already. What does the Master of Education degree in ECED involve?

The Kent State ECED M.Ed. program is for those students who hold the ECED license (or have experience in early childhood education) and want to further advance their studies. Learn more about the ECED M.Ed. program.

Am I able to embed endorsements in my M.Ed. program?

Yes, if you currently hold the ECED B.S.E. you can add endorsement(s) while earning your master's degree. One of the most commonly added endorsements is the Reading Endorsement.

I hold a teaching license but would add ECED as a second license to my current license. How do I do this?

The second license program of study is designed around your current coursework (i.e. transcript review & professional review). Students must have an advising appointment to determine courses and field experiences to earn the ECED prek-5 license.

I would like to add a kindergarten endorsement to my ECED license. How do I do that?

There is no longer a kindergarten only endorsement that can be added to the license in the state of Ohio. You would need to add elements of the ECED prek-5 (which includes what you need for age 3 through kindergarten) in concert with courses or licenses you’ve already taken. A transcript review is necessary. Please contact jastoll@kent.edu

Preschool Endorsement & Second License information

I hold an ECED teaching degree. Can I earn my master's in Curriculum and Instruction or perhaps Special Education?

Yes, please see the following pages for admission requirements:

I am an international student and interested in earning an ECED degree at Kent State University.

The first office that you need to contact is the International Students office at Kent State. They can advise with admissions, transcript review, visa information, employment stipulations, language assessments and more.

Please note that the Early Childhood Education program abides by all minimum assessment scores on all measures such as English language proficiency tests. It is not within the coordinator’s power to admit students with insufficient scores.

I am interested in earning a doctorate in early childhood - does Kent State have that?

Yes. A doctorate with a focus in early childhood can be earned, but the education doctoral programs at Kent State are housed within Curriculum & Instruction. After application and acceptance, status advising and course selection is created in concert with an early childhood advisor. Learn more about the Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D.