Advising for New International Graduate Students

Academic advising for new international graduate students begins with a Group Academic Advising Session in 228 Math & CS Building.

No appointment is necessary, but you must attend one of these sessions, and you must be present during the entire session.  Please arrive on time — the session is only 30 minutes long and you will not be allowed to enter after the session starts.

  • Group Advising - Monday 5 January — 9:00am and 1:30pm
  • Group Advising - Tuesday 6 January — 9:00am only
  • Group Advising - Wednesday 7 January — 9:00am and 1:30pm
  • Group Advising - Thursday 8 January — NONE — attend International Student Orientation
  • Group Advising - Friday 9 January — 9:00am and 1:30pm

Group Advising Sessions will include a general welcome and explanation of the requirements for the degree as well as guidelines for academic services.  An in-depth discussion of the degree, capstone and other processes will be presented later at the Digital Sciences Graduate Orientation.

If you have further questions after the Group Academic Advising Session, you can stay for the Walk-In Advising Session immediately following.

POSTED: Friday, January 2, 2015 11:50 AM
Updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022 01:02 AM
Robert A. Walker