Fall ST Course: Legal and Business Issues for Web and Mobile App Development

Fall 2013

ST: Legal and Business Issues for Web and Mobile App Development

Understanding the Business and Legal Impact of
Building Mobile, Web and Other Digital Products

DSCI 49995-001 (CRN 22601) / DSCI 59995-001 (CRN 22602)

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:45-5:00 PM
CHH 00011 – Cunningham Hall (Biology Building)


Web, mobile, and other digital solutions are in higher demand than ever as technology permeates throughout global industries. As technologists enter the workplace with higher skill sets, it is imperative for them to understand the legal and business implications of their work. Companies and recruiters are searching for potential employees that understand the full breadth of the product lifecycle in a digital world. This course will provide hands-on experience in the product lifecycle—understanding the market, problem solving, product creation, legal rights, and thoughtful business growth.

Course topics include web and mobile product creation, market awareness, business strategy, legal and business ramifications, and real life case studies. Students will be directly involved in creating a digital product (e.g., a web site or blog) and a go-to-market strategy, while integrating legal- and business-related issues associated with the product life cycle.

This course is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students from any major who have some experience in web design, blogging, or a willingness to learn how to blog.  For permission to enroll, send email to DSCI Advisor Coordinator Kay Levandowski <klevand1@kent.edu> with your name and student ID number.


Instructor: A. Brian Dengler, J.D.

Brian is a locally- and nationally-recognized Information Technology attorney, with more than 20 years of dynamic hands-on experience, ranging from the boardroom to the courtroom. Brian has had significant engagement models as a former Vice President with AOL in New York and as a former Executive with CompuServe Interactive Services. Brian is a nationally-renowned journalist and an EMMY award winner as a former TV news journalist. Brian has been selected as one of the “Best Lawyers in America, Information Technology, 2013”, “Top Lawyers in Columbus 2010-2012” by Columbus CEO Magazine, and “2013 Top Rated Lawyers, Technology Law, 2013” by the American Lawyer. Brian also is an adjunct instructor in Media Law and Advanced eMedia Management at Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Highlight of Course Topics


  • Find customers: does your app fill a need?
  • Steps to develop and brand your apps.
  • Legal protection for your apps.
  • Legal traps when you crowd-source and outsource.
  • Acquire legal rights to use the code and content of others. 
  • Legal steps to promote and sell your apps.
  • Organize your product team or business.
  • How to create a company and why.
  • Are you making money? A look at financial statements.
  • Legal issues with tracking users.
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