Meet Len Asprey, Instructor for DSCI 24410 Digital Information Management and Processing

If you have looked at our Spring 2013 class schedule, you have probably noticed that DSCI 24410 Digital Information Management and Processing will be only be offered online.  Why only online?  For the simple reason that the instructor for the course, Len Asprey, is not a faculty member in residence on the Kent Campus.  Moreover, Len does not even live in the United States, but he resides instead on the far side of the globe - in Australia!

However, Len is currently on campus for a few days before leaving to attend a conference.  While he's here, we'd like to give you a chance to meet him in person!

Len will be speaking to our Fall Digital Sciences First Year Experience class on Friday, and all of the rest of you are also invited to attend.  Those of you who are sophomores and will be taking his class in the spring are particularly invited to come  meet your instructor in person!

Also -- we are currently updating the prerequisites for DSCI 24410, and we are dropping DSCI 10010 Society, Culture, and the Digital Sciences and DSCI 10410 Information Ethics and Social Responsibility as prerequisites for DSCI 24410.  The new prerequisite for DSCI 24410 will be "sophomore standing", so if you will be a sophomore in the spring and would like to take the course, even if you have not yet taken DSCI 10010 and DSCI 10410, you can email our Advisor Coordinator Kay Levandowski ( for permission to enroll in the course.

Here's the info on Len's talk:

Meet Len Asprey,
Instructor for
DSCI 24410 Digital Information Management and Processing
MSB 228, 11:00-11:50am, Friday 26 October 2012

Len will tell you about himself, information management, and his spring course.  He'll give you a brief introduction to information management, and tell you how information is different from data.  He'll describe the key elements of the course and its relationship to other courses in the Digital Sciences degree (e.g., database).

Len Asprey  ( is a Senior Consultant for Oakton Limited.  He holds a masters degree in Applied Science from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. His focus has been on assisting clients to plan and implement effective, successful documents, records, and content management solutions. His clients cover all types of industry sectors: financial services, manufacturing, engineering, mining and resources, airlines, legal and government at all levels. He has been the keynote speaker at international events relevant to documents, records, and content management. He is the co-author of the book "Integrative Document & Content Management: Strategies for Exploiting Enterprise Knowledge", as well as the author/co-author of journals and encyclopedia articles.

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