First Employment After Graduation

About Our Recent Kent State Graduates

The data in the following accordions are a snapshot from the responses of our bachelor's degree recipients for the Class of 2021 graduates (May, August, and December) within the first year after graduation.

Data collection is updated at both six and 12 months after each graduation ceremony.


Upon graduation, Kent State University graduates (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, associate and certificate) join our worldwide alumni family, which exceeds 270,000. Our diverse alumni network helps to provide resources, connections and insights into industries and careers for our graduates. Kent State graduates go on to accept professional career opportunities in Ohio, across the United States and around the world.

We learn about the endeavors of our graduates through our First Destination Survey and Graduated Student Survey, which we have combined into one survey instrument. For details about the guiding principles and protocol for our surveys visit the NACE website, and the HLC website.

Data collection is a collaborative effort of Career Exploration and Development; Accreditation, Assessment and Learning; Institutional Research, and the faculty and staff at Kent State.

First Destination Survey

In 2014, the National Association of Colleges and Employers launched a national survey focused on new college graduates. This portion of the survey, launched in May 2018 at Kent State as the First Destination Survey, collects data about what our graduates are doing postgraduation, including working full/part time; continuing education; volunteering; serving in the military; seeking employment or continuing education; and/or not seeking employment or continuing education.

Graduated Student Survey

Kent State's Graduated Student Survey was introduced in 2005 and provides feedback regarding the quality of recent graduates’ undergraduate and graduate education (knowledge and skills acquired and curricular and co-curricular activities) and primary activities following graduation (e.g., employment, education and family). The Graduated Student Survey asks graduates to indicate their overall satisfaction with and perceptions of the university.

Beyond Employment

Beyond employment our graduates also commit to full-time experiences in the following three areas:

  • 31.37% Continuing Education
  • 0.36% Military
  • 0.18% Volunteering
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