Strong Research

  • Archeology students working in the field
    $30 million in extramural research funding over past five years.
  • $366 million invested in our research by the federal government to date.
  • 166+ active U.S. patents for research
  • Birthplace of LCD and home to the innovative and groundbreaking Liquid Crystal Institute, founded in 1965 by Glenn H. Brown, Ph.D.
  • 5th in U.S. for number of startup companies formed and patents issued per $1 million in expenditures.
  • Fulbright scholars and internationally recognized leaders actively involve undergraduate and graduate students in their research projects.
  • Kent State faculty are recognized by prestigious organizations, including:
    • National Academy of Sciences
    • Institute for Financial Markets
    • Science Watch
    • American Physical Society
    • National Science Foundation
  • Faculty support and involve both graduate and undergraduate students in their research projects.