Annual Workload Report Form

Name:                                                              AY:                            


Authored books published                                                     

Edited collections published                                                  

Textbooks published                                                              

Scholarly editions/bibliographies published                                      

Journals edited                                                                       

Articles published                                                                  

Edited collection chapters published                                     

Translations published                                                           

Poems published                                                                    

Short stories published                                                          

Creative non-fiction essays published                                   

Plays published                                                                      

Book series edited                                                                 

Book reviews published                                                         

Conference papers presented                                                 

Plenary/invited speeches presented                                       

Major external grant applications submitted                         

Major external grants awarded                                              

Book MSS reviewed                                                              

Grant proposals reviewed                                                      

Journal article submissions reviewed                                    

Extramural promotion cases reviewed                                  

Major software patented/copyrighted                                   

External research fellowships won                                        




Sections taught                                                                      


Individual investigations completed                                      



Sections taught                                                                      


Individual investigations directed                                         



Programs coordinated                                                            

Programs chaired                                                                   

Major departmental committees chaired                               

Major departmental committees served on                           

Major ad hoc committees chaired                                         

Major ad hoc committees served on                                      

Major non-departmental committees chaired                        

Major non-departmental committees served on                    

Major college committees served on                                     

Major campus committees served on                                    

Major university committees served on                                

Scholarly journal editorial boards served on                         

Writing contests judged                                                         

Regional/national/international professional                         

offices held

Classroom observation reports (colleague) written               

Extramural committees served on                                                                 

Outreach activities coordinated/conducted                           

Undergraduate research assistant supervised             ______




Writing portfolios directed to completion                            

Honors theses directed to completion                                    

Writing portfolio committees (completed)                            

Honors thesis committees (completed)                                  

Honors Research Project (completed)                        ______



Doctoral dissertation defense committees served on            

Doctoral dissertation defense committee, Graduate

            Representative                                                ______           

Doctoral qualifying exams assessed                                      

Dissertation Prospectus Oral Defense Advisor

or Co-advisor                                                              ______

Dissertation Prospectus Oral Defense Committee

            Member                                                           ______                                   

MA Theses directed to completion                             ______

MFA theses directed to completion                                       

MA thesis defense committees served on                             

MA TESL Portfolios Assessed                                   ______

MFA thesis defense committees served on                                       

MA exams assessed                                                               

Placement Committee Chair                                       ______           

Placement Committee member