Special Provisions for Teaching Loads

a.   Discretionary Load Reductions: The  Chair can authorize discretionary teaching load reductions for certain duties or short-term tasks performed by faculty (3 hours/semester) but will consult with the FAC regarding teaching load reductions for long-term tasks (covering more than 3 hours or for work extending into another semester).  Specifics of any workload equivalent in excess of 3 hours shall be reported and discussed with FAC, sent to the College Dean for approval, and reported back to FAC in a timely manner.

b.   Teaching Outside the Department/Team Teaching: Faculty members who wish to teach outside the Department (for example, in the Experimental and Integrative Studies Program) or team teach with a colleague in another academic unit must secure approval from the  Chair in advance if the class is to be counted as part of the teaching load.  In the determination of teaching loads and schedules, the needs of the Department take priority, although every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of other programs in which English faculty may teach.

c.   Teaching Large Sections: Faculty who teach two (2) large sections of undergraduate classes over the course of two consecutive academic years shall receive a reduction of one course in a subsequent semester consistent with the minimum teaching responsibilities defined in subsection F.7 above.  Large classes shall be defined as those with enrollments of 50 students or more, including those courses that are electronically purveyed.