Workload Equivalents for Research and Advising

Tenure-track Kent Campus faculty active in research or creative writing also normally will be given equivalents for appropriate scholarly or creative productivity according to the schedule in Table 2.  The review period for research productivity is 5 years.  Scholarship points follow guidelines for research for Graduate Faculty Status, referenced in Section 4.  Tenured faculty who receive these equivalencies will be reviewed annually by the Chair by means of the faculty member’s Annual Workload Summary Report.  Equivalencies above the hours indicated in Tables 2 and 3 below are subject to approval by the Chair and the Dean.

Table 2. Research Productivity Workload Equivalents

Productivity over 5-Year Review Period

Performance Rating

WLE in Hours/AY

5 publication points (PP) or 4 PP+2 equivalence points (EP)



4 PP or 3 PP + 2 EP

Very Good


2 PP + 1 EP



1PP + 1 EP



Table 3. Advising Productivity Workload Equivalents

Course equivalencies are determined by the average points earned over the prior 3 year period according to the following scale.  Points are tallied from annual productivity reports submitted by each faculty member and checked against departmental records.


An average of 4 pts. /year earns a 1-course (3 CH) equivalency (I.E., at least 12 points total for 3 years).

Advising Activity


Program Chair


Dissertation Defense Committee Member, including Outside Discipline Member; earned once defense is completed


MA/ /MA TESL Thesis Defense Committee Member; earned once defense is completed


MFA Thesis Committee Member; earned once defense is completed

1 /student

TESL Portfolio Assessed


Dissertation Prospectus Oral Advisor or Co-Advisor; earned once prospectus is approved


Doctoral Exam Evaluated


MA Exam Assessed


Placement Committee Chair


Job Placement Committee Member


Writing Portfolio Directed; earned once Portfolio is completed

1 /student

Honors Thesis Directed; earned once thesis is defended


Honors Research Project Directed; earned once Project is completed


Individual Investigation; earned upon completion of II

Up to 1 (a 3-hour Ind. Invest. earns 1 point)

Undergraduate Research Assistant Supervision; earned upon completion of research