The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). Membership: Ex officio, the Graduate Studies Coordinator

The Graduate Studies Committee is comprised of one program faculty member from each of the program faculties – M.A. TESL, Ph.D. Rhetoric and Composition, Ph.D. English, and NEOMFA – selected, normally, to two-year terms by respective program faculty; and one elected graduate student. (All members – except the ex officio Department Chair and Assistant to the Chair – have voting privileges, although graduate student members are excused from sessions in which graduate admissions, graduate appointments, and other personnel matters are discussed and acted upon.)

The responsibilities of the Graduate Studies Committee shall be:

  • Representing and acting for the graduate faculty in the department, college, university, and community
  • Coordinating and reviewing curricular proposals from program committees
  • Reporting to the FAC on curricular matters
  • Recommending faculty for graduate faculty membership
  • Coordinating the quinquennial review of graduate faculty
  • Distributing departmental awards for graduate students