Student Academic Complaints Committee

The Kent Campus Academic Complaint Committee will be comprised of three elected Kent Campus full-time TT faculty members of FAC, appointed to this Committee by the Department Chair, plus either one undergraduate (if the complainant is an undergraduate) or one graduate student (if the complainant is a graduate student), also appointed by the Chair.  If the instructor against whom the complaint is lodged is either a GA or TF, an NTT faculty member, or a part-time faculty member, then the Department Chair shall appoint to the committee an instructor from the same category of staff.  The Committee shall elect a Chair at its first meeting each year.  Terms shall be for one year.  In the event that a complaint is filed against a member of the Department who is currently serving on the Academic Complaints Committee, another faculty member will be appointed by the Department Chair in consultation with the Chair of the Complaints Committee to serve as a temporary replacement.  Student complaints on the Regional Campuses shall be handled according to local procedures.