Tenure and Promotion Policy - Department of Psychological Sciences

Tenure and Promotion policies for Kent State University are described in Chapter 6 of the University Policy Register. There are three general categories considered for tenure and promotion: (a) Research, (b) Teaching, and (c) University Citizenship. The University Policy describes the criteria for assessing the quality of scholarship and citizenship in general terms but individual departments articulate the relative weight given to each category and the specific criteria to be considered by the department's Ad Hoc Promotion and Tenure Committee. This document provides information only on the Department’s particular manner of specifying the criteria for tenure and promotion. 

The same general criteria are applied in evaluating candidates for tenure and promotion. In addition, the general criteria applicable to promotion to Associate Professor and Professor are the same for both ranks, although they are weighted somewhat differently. The major difference is that full Professors are expected to meet promotion requirements at a substantially higher level. Additionally, for promotion to Professor, emphasis is placed on scholarly accomplishments since the candidate’s promotion to Associate Professor. As will be seen, research accomplishments are essential for tenure and promotion for all Faculty. A description of the three areas considered in assessing a Faculty member for tenure and promotion follow.