Curricular Policies and Procedures

Campus faculty members should consult the handbook for their academic units and academic colleges for applicable curricular policies and procedures. Additional information about curricular matters and program requirements is available from the Office of Quality Initiatives and Curriculum and is included in the University’s current Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogues.

The Campus Faculty Council considers all curricular matters related to programs uniquely offered by Kent State University at Tuscarawas. Curricular changes may be proposed by any faculty member for consideration by the FC. All such changes must first be reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee of the campus and then presented to the FC for approval. If the recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee is not unanimous, a minority report may be submitted with the recommendation. Any proposal for curricular revision must be submitted to the faculty at least five (5) working days prior to a vote by the FC. If recommended by a majority of the FC, the proposal is forwarded to the Campus Dean whose recommendation is sent to the relevant academic unit.