This Handbook (hereinafter the “Handbook”) has been prepared to provide a description of the major processes and procedures that direct and affect professional academic rights and responsibilities of the faculty of the Tuscarawas Campus (hereinafter the “Campus”) of Kent State University (hereinafter the “University”).  Specific information is included on the structure and organization of the Campus, the advisory role of the faculty in governance, and procedures and expectations regarding faculty growth and development, among other issues.  The Handbook also explains how the policies of the Kent State Regional Campus System are carried out locally.  For complete information on related policy, faculty should consult the University Policy Register (UP) and the respective Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) for the tenure-track and/or non-tenure-track faculty units.  This Handbook shall not conflict with any University, Administrative and Operational Policy of the University, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, or any federal, state and local law.