Direct Deposit


Net Pay. Direct Deposit must be 100% of the participant’s net pay. After initiation of Direct Deposit one check will be received prior to the actual direct deposit being made. (You may want to check with your institution to determine if the deposit has been received.)

Account. A participant’s net pay may be deposited into three accounts of your choice.

Depository. The participant’s account must be with a financial institution that is a member of the Automated Clearing House Network. Most banks, savings and loans and credit unions meet this requirement.

Extra Payrolls. All payroll activity for a participant, except those additional assignments which are currently paid through an “extra” payroll (i.e., those one-time earnings paid bi-monthly), will be deposited to the participant’s account. Participants will continue to receive a payroll check for assignments paid by an “extra” payroll.

Termination. Participants may terminate their Direct Deposit at any time. This can be accomplished by submitting a written notification of the termination and its effective date to the Payroll Department. The notification must be received at least one week prior to the first payroll affected by the termination. Following termination an employee will not be eligible to participate in the Direct Deposit program until the University’s next enrollment period.

Changes. Any change in an account number (e.g., a change initiated by the Depository, a change of Depository where a participant’s net pay is deposited, or a change in account at the same depository) requires that the participant notify the Payroll Department at least one week prior to the payroll for which the old account number is to be terminated. For all changes this form must be completed and filed with the Payroll Department at the time of the notification.

Questions, Problems, or Forms Availability.  Employees should contact the University’s Payroll Department (672-8640 or email with any questions, problems or form requests.

Download the Direct Deposit form here