Business and Administration Services

Stina Olafsdottir, Associate Vice President

Provides business functions and business information support services including:

This area also includes the Business Administrator Services Forum, which promotes cooperation and communication between central administrative financial offices and the many decentralized business office functions across the university.

Compliance and Risk Management

Constance Hawke, Associate Vice President

This unit is responsible for risk assessment and compliance across the university, which includes federal regulatory requirements. 

Facilities Planning and Operations

Doug Pearson, Associate Vice President

This area maintains and supports the campus infrastructure and facilities, and facilitates the development of programs in the areas of energy management and sustainability.

Financial Services

Jeannie Reifsnyder, Senior Associate Vice President

Provides accountable business functions and business information support services including:

division of Human resources

Jack Witt, Vice President

The Division of Human Resources assists departments in attracting, motivating, developing, and retaining talented individuals in a positive, diverse, healthy and safe work environment. 

Internal Audit

Sarah Gampo, Director

Examines and evaluates Kent State University's activities to ensure compliance, and serves as the liaison between the university and the university's independent public accountant.

Public Safety

Dean Tondiglia, Director

Committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.