Due to temporary staffing shortages in the Procurement Department, there will be disruptions in many of the services we provide to the University community and third-party vendors. As such during the next several months, there may be delays in processing Requisitions, POs, RFP requests and Contr

As always, we are committed to providing timely procurement services to the best of our ability while we are restaffing open positions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 330-672-2276 or via email at Procurement@kent.edu. Thank you for your understanding.


The Procurement Department is committed to support the university's mission by offering services and programs to the community that result in the highest value and ultimate customer satisfaction, while embracing a spirit of continuous improvement. Additionally, the Procurement Department will enforce the university's purchasing policies and procedures.

At all times the Procurement Department will strive to provide its services with personal and professional standards that reflect the principles of ethics, integrity and respect.

Notice to all suppliers - Fraudulent Quote Request/Purchase Order Email Scam

Scam Fraudulent Purchase Orders

The Kent State University Procurement department would like to alert the community to a nationwide fraud scam that is targeting suppliers for colleges across the country. Please take precautions so that you are not a victim of this scam.

The email scam involves purchase orders and requests for product quotations that purport to originate from the University, but are in fact fraudulent. The FBI could be involved.

According to multiple schools, the emailer requests quotes for specific merchandise. This activity includes the impersonation of University employees that hold purchasing authority. Later, a purchase order is emailed to the business that bears resemblance to an official University purchase order. The purchase order instructs delivery to an address not affiliated with the University.

After shipping the merchandise, the business never receives payment and is unable to retrieve the mailed products.

While we cannot prevent this illegal activity, we want to promote awareness and communicate the necessity of verifying requests. If an order is received by email, please alert your staff to hover over the address to see if it was sent from an address that contains an ending of “@kent.edu”.

In addition, please confirm the address for any suspicious or large dollar orders, with the ordering department. All orders for Kent State University should be delivered only to official Kent State University addresses.

Should you receive what appears to be a suspicious order, please forward the email to phish@kent.edu. Additionally, if you would like Procurement to verify an email's legitimacy before responding to the email or fulfilling the order, you may contact our department at procurement@kent.edu.

Information - Procurement

The Procurement Department is responsible for the purchase of all goods and services required by the university and the timely and accurate payment of all expenses related to business transactions. Our responsibilities include providing information, guidelines and collaboration to facilitate all aspects of the procurement process. Our goal is to apply the best business practices and principles of value, service, and market knowledge, while using a teamwork approach to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Policies and procedures are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure that procurement activities proceed efficiently and in compliance with university, State, and Federal regulations, laws, and guidelines.