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Bid responses are now processed using DocuSign!

February 2019 Notice: There is a technical issue with the "Finish Later" button of DocuSign. Please fill the DocuSign out in its entirety; do not select "Finish Later". An example of the questions asked in the form is within each RFP, near the end of each document. Please use that example as your reference before beginning the submission process.

DocuSign time stamps upon clicking "FINISH" for submission. The DocuSign "Certificate of Completion" signed timestamp is the official and legal time submitted. If the signed date and time is after the given due date and time, the proposal will be rejected.  This includes beginning the Docusign process prior to the bid close, however signing and lapsing the official due time.

DocuSign Official Time Stamp

Please review all important information before responding to a bid and find a guide for the new process at the Responding to a bid using DocuSign Instructional Webpage


Active Opportunities

RFP #1622 Bus Charter Service for the KSU Soccer Team, 2019 Season
1622 Appendix A
April 10, 2019 April 25, 2019
4:30pm ET
*No Larry McWilliams Respond to #1622
RFP #1623 Supply and Deliver Athletic Medical Supplies for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Kent State University
1623 Appendix A
April 16, 2019 May 9, 2019
4:30pm ET
*No Larry McWilliams Respond to #1623
RFP #1624 Purchase of a Universal Robots UR10 Robot Arm for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State University April 22, 2019 May 3, 2019
4:30pm ET
*No Larry McWilliams Respond to #1624

(*)Denotes special circumstances. Paper copies will be accepted.

Questions relating to the new process may go to the Procurement Department at

Important information before responding

Closed Bids Webpage

Kent State University Procurement Bid Response FAQ