Bid responses are now processed using DocuSign!

October 2020 Notice:  If you need another person to sign as the "authorized signature", simply use the "Finish Later" button of DocuSign and use the signor's email to send your partially completed form. 

DocuSign time stamps upon clicking "FINISH" for submission. The DocuSign "Certificate of Completion" signed timestamp is the official and legal time submitted. If the signed date and time is after the given due date and time, the proposal will be rejected.  This includes beginning the Docusign process prior to the bid close, however signing and lapsing the official due time.

DocuSign Official Time Stamp

Please review all important information before responding to a bid and find a guide for the new process at the Responding to a bid using DocuSign Instructional Webpage


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Questions relating to the new process may go to the Procurement Department at


Important information before responding

Closed Bids Webpage

Kent State University Procurement Bid Response FAQ