Surplus Options


Procurement is no longer responsible for campus surplus. Management of surplus is now through University Facility Management. For information on how to remove unneeded items, please see the new Campus Surplus website.

Per policy 5-12.3(D)(3), departments are not permitted to transact any asset sale or disposal without the involvement of the procurement department. Therefore, please follow this procedure for the disposal of your department's surplus items and equipment:

  • To remove an item from your department, the first attempt should be to post it to the University Surplus website; see the "Redistribute" portion.
  • If there is no claim to the item, you must attempt to sell it through our online auction if a live on-site public auction is not scheduled. Please review the policy governing the sale of items in the link provided in the "Competitive Bidding" portion of this page.
  • If the item remains unclaimed and unsold after all auction attempts, per policy, the department is free to dispose of the item in the most economical way of the university.  Ecological sustainability and labor costs should be considered when removing the item.
  • Call Procurement at (330) 672-2276 or send an email to with any questions regarding this procedure.  



The Redistribution website, or University Surplus, can be used to offer any functional item or equipment to other Kent State University departments, adhering to the administrative policy. It is similar to offering "hand-me-down" items to your Kent State family with no transfer of funds. Employees may use their Flashline login to post or claim items at no cost.  The posting department is responsible for the item until removed; not Procurement. The person who posted the item will be its point of contact. The Surplus Equipment Redistribution and/or Disposal website is free to use and items are listed for 30 days before automatically dropped from the website. It is the interested respondents responsibility to help arrange pickup with UFM by entering a work order through their FlashTrack website.  

Please note, all items on the redistribution website are for business usage within the campus community.  Items may not be taken home for personal use. 

Please view the Surplus Redistribution FAQs for additional information



GovDeals - GovDeals is the university's preferred competitive online bidding sales platform. It can be used for selling large items that are unable to be shipped without incurring substantial cost as winners are responsible for packing, shipping and all transportation of their goods.  Examples of these items include: Freezers, Mowers, Lathes or any large equipment.  Visit our GovDeals website for a current list of items for bid.

To start the process for selling your department's surplus:

  • Auctioning of good must conform to the policy regarding the sale or other disposal of a department good, which can be found in 3342-5-12.3; please note the conflict of interest portion under 5-12.3(D)(3)(e).
  • Fill out the GovDeals Registration Form online.  The completed form can be printed and/or saved to your computer. Email a copy of the completed form to; you can also fax a copy to 330-672-7904
  • ***NOTE***New audit policy mandates the signature of the seller and departmental supervisor on the Registration form
  • ***NOTE***New accounting procedure:  If the inventory was tagged, you must complete and file an Inventory Control Property Disposition Form with the Controller's Office. The form and form instructions are found on the Controller's Office website under the Equipment Inventory Control link in the Financial Accounting portion.
    • If you are unsure if the item(s) is tagged or not, a serial number is helpful for the asset search (provided that information was returned to Accounting).  You may also refer back to the last inventory report. If the item(s) are listed on the inventory report, it will remain until the form is sent to Accounting for removal. It is in your interest to fill out the form.  Contact the Inventory Control Manager at 330-672-2392.
  • Email digital pictures to for item posting with the completed registration form.
  • Procurement will act on the department's behalf on selling the item.  Once an item is sold and payment has been made by the auction winner, procurement will notify the seller with their approval to coordinate pickup.  Sellers are not responsible for any dismantling, disassembling, packing or moving of the item.  



Surplus property may be sold through an advertised sealed sale bid process.  All pursuant to state of Ohio and university competitive bidding procedures with the award being made to the highest bidder.

Contact the Procurement Department at 22276 for additional information.



Electronics that may contain confidential information must be destroyed and are not permitted for resale. View the Electronic Equipment Disposal Procedure




Contact University Facilities Management (Jeff Brewster at 330-672-8704) for disposal of all other items with no useful value.  A work order may need processed; more information can be found on the UFM website.