Campus Surplus

Redistribution and Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment

Campus surplus will use one of the following methods to facilitate the redistribution or sale of university property:

  • To remove an item from your department, please enter a ReADY Work Request. UFM will schedule a pickup and remove the identified items at no cost to the requesting department.
  • Furniture and equipment in good condition will be made available for redistribution to another unit of Kent state university as surplus university property. Kent State University property is not for personal use and must be used within university. Items will be posted by Campus Surplus for a minimum of 30 days on website.

    Please visit the Redistribution Website to view available items to claim.

  • For all capital assets, the unit is responsible for notifying the Controller’s Office of the sale or disposal of any capital asset, but the unit is not permitted to transact a capital asset sale or other disposal. If the inventory was tagged, you must complete and file an Inventory Control Property Disposition Form with the Controller's Office. The form and form instructions are found on the Controller's Office website under the Equipment Inventory Control link in the Financial Accounting portion.

    Please see the below polices regarding the disposal of university property. 
    5 - 12.3 Administrative policy regarding acquisition, inventory control, and sales or other disposal of university property 
    5- 12.301 Operational policy regarding disposal of university property 

    If you are unsure if the item(s) is tagged or not, a serial number is helpful for the asset search (provided that information was returned to Accounting).  You may also refer back to the last inventory report. If the item(s) are listed on the inventory report, it will remain until the form is sent to Accounting for removal. It is in your interest to fill out the form.  Contact the Inventory Control Manager at 330-672-2392.

  • Campus Surplus will utilize the competitive bidding process through GovDeals for the sale of items as outlined in the policy.

    • For items with a resale value over two thousand five hundred dollars, a minimum of seventy-five percent of the net proceeds will be credited to the releasing department, with the remaining percent credited to campus surplus (with exception to regional campuses and college of podiatric medicine, where campus surplus shall receive a $35.00 flat fee to cover overhead costs associated with sale.

    • Regional campuses and college of podiatric medicine should submit the GovDeal Request Form to have items posted for public bid.


Using their FlashLine login, employees may use the Redistribution website to claim items at no cost.  It is the interested respondent's responsibility to help arrange pickup with UFM by entering a ReADY Work Request

Please note, all items on the redistribution website are for business usage within the campus community.  Items may not be taken home for personal use. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Items not claimed on the Redistribution Website will be posted to GovDeals for public bidding. We now have a Facebook page for our department that lists these items for sale so the local community can bid or buy our surplus. Please visit us at

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Electronics that may contain confidential information must be destroyed and are not permitted for resale. View the Electronic Equipment Disposal Procedure.


Contact Jeff Brewster, UFM Receiving and Distribution Supervisor, at 330-672-8704.