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Structures is comprised of carpenters, painters, glaziers, masons and our locksmiths.

The Carpentry Shop is responsible for the repair and replacement of drywall, counter tops, ceiling tiles, flooring, and window shades. Door installation and repair, custom cabinet making, woodworking, and minor remodeling are also services provided by the carpenters. 

In addition to painting building interiors and exteriors around campus, the painters perform services such as exterior power washing, staining and sealing doors and door frames, faux finishing of walls, surface restoration, and sign repair and maintenance.

Replacing and repairing broken windows and doors is the responsibility of the glass technicians, as well as the cutting and installation of mirrors, glass, and plexiglass in various applications.

Our masons are responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement of concrete, brick, and stone masonry throughout the Kent Campus.

GazeboContact Information

Raymond Griffin, Carpenter Supervisor
Phone: 330-672-0823

Mark Moscarello, Sr, Lockshop & Glazier Supervisor
Phone: 330-672-0829

For additional information:

For instructions on the appropriate method to initiate a work order, please contact University Facilities Management by calling 330-672-2345.

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