Electrical & Mechanical Trades

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Electrical & Mechanical Trades

Contact Information

Shawn Denno, Superintendent, Electrical and Mechanical Trades Superintendent
Phone: 330-672-2346
Email: sdenno@kent.edu


The electric department provides students, faculty and staff with a well illuminated and safe campus as well as maintaining and servicing the main electrical distribution systems serving all academic, residence service and auxiliary buildings.

Contact Information

David Samodell, Supervisor, Electrical
Phone: 330-672-0827
Email: dsamodel@kent.edu

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

The HVAC department maintains the HVAC systems in all academic buildings, as well as residence halls and food service areas. Additionally, HVAC is responsible for the water treatment of closed heating and cooling systems.

Contact Information

Dan Morsillo, Supervisor, HVAC & Water Treatment
Phone: 330-672-0805
Email: dmorsill@kent.edu

Steam, Plumbing and Welding

The Steam fitting department is responsible for the steam distribution piping and controls throughout the campus.

The Plumbing department is responsible for the water main supply to and throughout each of the buildings, as well as the sewer systems located in and providing service to each building.

Welding and fabrication services are provided for University Facilities Management's maintenance team as well as any other university department requesting service.

Contact Information

Hal A. Lehman, Pipefitter Supervisor
Phone: 330-672-1058
Email: halehman@kent.edu

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