Lock Shop/Key Requests

Services provided by our Lock Team

University Facilities Management's locksmiths provide services for thousands of work requisitions and lock changes each year. The locksmiths are responsible for lock changes, re-keying, installation and repair of locks, and cutting keys.

Keys and electronic key cards are distributed through University Facilities Management's Lock Shop and can be picked up Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and noon to 2:00 p.m. Three to five working days are normally required for completion of key requests. Emergency requests, however, are honored as quickly as possible.

The Lock Shop does follow a strict access control procedure for the sole purpose of maintaining the integrity of the University. Please refer to this procedure when requesting access.

*For both hard metal keys and swipe cards, please include employee Kent State ID number on work request. Students may not have hard keys in their name.

Two students walking hand in hand at the base of steps on campusCHECK YOUR EXPIRATION DATE

See if your key card has expired by going to http://ismycardexpired.kent.edu/.

Electronic Locks

Campus departments must check the Academic Building Rooms against Electronic Locks List (see link below) after rooms are assigned by Registrar or Scheduling Office to determine access needs.

Replacement Fees for Lost Key Cards

Effective July 1, 2012, we began charging back departmental indexes for lost key cards assigned to faculty and staff.  Fees will also apply for lost student cards.  Please see rate sheets below for details.

Broken or Damaged Key Cards

Please return all broken or damaged key cards to the University Facilities Management Lock Shop as shown below.

View Broken or Damaged Key Card Instructions

For additional information:

Please email your questions/concerns/comments to the lockshop@kent.edu.

NOTE: Select link for more information regarding details of Kent State University Policy 3342-5-12.403, Operational procedures and regulations regarding schedule of use and closed periods for buildings of the university.

For instructions on the appropriate method to initiate a work request, please contact University Facilities Management by calling 330-672-2345.