Energy Operations

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Kent State University's Energy Operations is comprised of the Power Plant and Energy Management working together to manage utilities at the Kent campus.

Energy Management

Energy Management is responsible for utilities such as electricity, water, sewer, storm water, natural gas, fuel oil and steam. This office insures that the energy dollars utilized to provide for the university community are used as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. This is done through energy conservation, education, purchasing strategies, sophisticated building automation systems and other new technologies, such as motion sensors, demand management strategies, lighting retrofits, programmable thermostats, etc.

Summit Street Power PlantPower Plant

Kent State University's Power Plant supplies steam, electricity, and air conditioning to the Kent campus. Since the university's early years, centralized steam production has been used to provide heat and cooling to the campus community. Kent State University successfully completed its two-stage, combined heat and power project. Two generators were installed that together produce 13 megawatts of electricity and over 60,000 pounds of steam per hour which is distributed to the university.

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The Kent State University Power Plant Operation is located at 1501 Ted Boyd Drive in Kent, Ohio.

To contact our office by phone, fax or e-mail, please use the contact information below.

Contact Information

Shawn Denno, Electrical and Mechanical Trades Superintendent
Phone: 330-672-4301
Fax: 330-672-9288

Frank Renovich, Associate Director, Energy Operations
Phone: 330-672-1989

Scott Watkins, Power Plant Manager
Phone: 330-672-1989