Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still post items I want removed from my department?

No, campus users can only claim items. They are no longer permitted to post items. Please enter a FlashTrack work request to have the time scheduled for pickup. Campus Surplus will post the all items on the Redistribution Website.


How do I claim an item?

In order to claim an item just click the claim button upon viewing the listing. This will send notification to the poster that the item has been claimed.


How to I request an item to be delivered to me?

After claiming an item on the surplus website please put in a work order requesting the item. It is also important to indicate the S number in the work order description to let the delivery team know the exact item you are requesting.


Can I unclaim an item if I decide I no longer need it?

Yes, an item can be unclaimed if it has not been delivered and is no longer needed. In order to do this log onto the surplus website and click the unclaim button. This will make the item available for others to claim. Additionally, please email the poster to let them know you no longer want the item(s). If a work order was created, it will also need to be canceled.


Can I claim part of a listing?

Yes, if items are listed as a lot, part of the lot can be claimed. Select the claim button and in the notes please indicate what part or how many of an item you want. The remaining items will be reposted.


Can I view an item before I claim it?

Yes, if you would like to physically view an item you can contact the stockroom at 22885 to set up a time to view it at our storage facility.