Commodity Codes

Please use these codes when processing vendor payments. They are being tracked and monitored to increase efficiency within the University. The code used should be based upon general classification, or what best describes the purchase. If you have any questions or concerns with coding, please email Coding clarification has been provided on a few subjective commodities.

Additional information about using commodity codes can be found at this link

A spreadsheet based version that can be sorted by description can be found here. The spreadsheet is in a printable format.


UPDATED COMMODITY CODES as of September 18, 2017

Tangible Good Codes

Code Commodity
10000000 Live Plant and Animal Material
10130000 Animal Containment, Habitats and Other Animal Supplies
10160000 Horticulture and Landscape Items (Seeds, Trees, Shrubs, Floral Plants)
Including earth, stone and landscape décor
10170000 Fertilizers, Plant Nutrients, Herbicides
10190000 Pest Control Products
11600000 Fabrics, Textiles and Fiber Industry Materials
Including threads, yarn
12000000 Chemicals, Bio Chemicals, and Gas Materials
14111604 Business Cards
14111608 Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Other Incentives
For survey prizes, award prizes, etc
14111800 Copy Paper/Copier Paper/Multi-Purpose Paper
15101504 Aviation Fuel
15101505 Diesel Fuel
15101506 Gasoline or Petrol
21100000 Agricultural Machinery and Accessories for Land or Landscape
22100000 Heavy Construction Machinery and Accessories
23180000 Industrial Food and Beverage Equipment
24000000 Material Handling, Packing or Packaging Accessories
24110000 Storage
25000000 Vehicle Accessories and Components
25101500 Passenger Motor Vehicles
25101600 Product Transport Vehicles
25101900 Special Recreation Vehicles
25130000 Aircraft
25200000 Aircraft and Aerospace System Components
26000000 Power Generating/Dist. Machinery and Accessories
27000000 Tools and General Machinery (Non-Heavy Construction)
30121700 Road Construction Materials
Including asphalt, concrete, cement for roads
30130000 Structural Building Products and Materials, including Wood/Lumber
Including concrete, wood, steel, brick and mortar - bones of the building
30150000 Exterior Finishing Materials
Including roofing materials, cement for building, windows
30160000 Interior Finishing Materials
Including plaster, dry-wall, insulation, plumbing, flooring, non-electric (39100000) or HVAC (40100000)
30190000 Construction and Maintenance Support Equipment (MRO)
Including hardware
31210000 Paints, Primers, Finishes and Painting Supplies
39100000 Electric, Lamps, Light bulbs, Lighting and Electrical Components
40100000 Heating, Ventilation, Air Circulation Materials (HVAC) and Supplies
40161500 Filters
41000000 Laboratory Meas., Observ. and Testing Equipment
Including Scientific supplies, equipment, fixtures, instruments
41130000 Service Agreements for Lab and Sci. Equip.
Scientific warranty
42000000 Medical Equipment and Supplies (Non-Pharmaceutical)
does not include medical uniforms or attire (53100000)
42120000 Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
42140000 Patient Care and Treatment Materials or First Aid Supplies
43110000 Computer Hard Drives
43131000 Laptops or Tablets, including adaptors
43132000 Desktops and Monitors
43133200 Printers and Scanners
43134000 Misc. PC Accessories and IT Hardware or Components (keyboard, mouse, motherboard, etc.)
43200000 IT: Network and Telecommunication Equipment, including data or cellular devices
Including Communication Cables
43201000 IT: Storage, including Cloud, Memory/RAM, and USB drives
43240000 Broadcasting Services
43241000 Broadcasting Equipment and Accessories
43310000 IT: Research/Academic Software and Licensing, including Apps
Including web-based data & research software
43320000 Enterprise Initiative Software, such as Banner, Kronos, etc.
43410000 Servers
44000000 Office Equipment
Including desks or small office machinery (non-photocopier)
44101501 Photocopiers
44120000 Office Supplies
Not including printer ink and toner (44121000), or copy paper (14111800)
44121000 Printer Ink and Toner
44121513 Postage and Postage Stamps
Including postage meter; not including FedEx or UPS small parcel shipping
45110000 Audio/Visual Presentation, Composing and Conferencing Equipment
45120000 Photographic, Filming, Video Equipment and Accessories
46100000 Light Weapons and Ammunition
46150000 Law Enforcement Equipment and Accessories
46160000 Public Safety and Control Equipment
46161505 Parking Meters and Payment Stations
Including service fees; not actual parking (78111807)
46170000 Security Surveillance and Detection Equipment
46171500 Locks, Security Hardware, and Accessories
46180000 Personal Safety Protection Equipment and Accessories
46190000 Fire Protection Equipment
46210000 Police/Fire Radios Maintenance and Service
47100000 Water and Waste Water Treatment, not including bottled products
47110000 Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaning Equipment
47120000 Janitorial Equipment
47130000 Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies
47139990 Salt
48000000 Service Industry Machinery, Equip., and Supplies
48100000 Institutional Food Services Equipment
49000000 Sports or Recreational Equipment, Supplies, and Accessories
Does not include sports uniforms or apparel (53100000)
49101710 Plaques, Trophies, Certificates, Medals, etc.
50000000 Food and Beverage Products
Used when purchasing food or beverage, such as pizza, ice cream, etc for student, staff or faculty functions
50202300 Temporary Alcohol Permits
51000000 Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products
52100000 Floor Coverings and Carpet
52130000 Window Treatments
52140000 Domestic Appliances and Other Household Accessories
52160000 Consumer Electronics
53100000 Clothing or Uniforms
Including sports apparel & uniforms; band uniform; UFM uniforms; staff uniforms; nursing smocks; and clothing for display
55120000 Signage and Signage Equipment, including Installation
Does not include advertising signs
55121500 Identification Documents and Tags, not including Business Cards
56000000 Furniture and Furnishings
60000000 Educational Material, Equipment, Supplies and Accessories
Instructional supplies, including clothing for class usage (not display - 53100000)
60101600 Education Certificates, Diplomas, and Supplies
60120000 Instructional Art/Craft Equipment and Supplies
60130000 Musical instruments


Code Commodity
70122007 Veterinary Services
72000000 Building, Construction, Maintenance Services
72101501 General Repair Services
72101505 Locksmith Services
72101506 Elevator Maintenance Services
72102100 Pest Control Services
Including bug exterminating services
72102200 Electrical Services
72102300 Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Services
72102400 Painting and Paper Hanging Services
72102700 Flooring Installation and Repair Services
72102900 Grounds Maintenance Services
72102901 Snow Removal Services
72130000 General Building Construction
72140000 Professional Design Services (Architectural and Engineering)
72141000 Road Construction Services
72152700 Concrete Installation and Repair Services (Parking Lot, Sidewalk/Wall)
Including raising and leveling
76101602 Asbestos Abatement/Haz Toxic Waste Removal or Cleanup
76110000 Cleaning and Janitorial Services
76121500 Refuse Collection and Disposal
Including trash removal and disposal
77000000 Environmental Services
78101800 LTL/TL Cargo Transport
Freight shipping charges including packaging and sending (usually on pallet)
78101804 Relocation or Moving Services
78102200 Small Parcel and Courier Services
Usually a FedEx or UPS Overnight or 2-day shipping service
78110000 Passenger Transport
Public busing
78111500 Passenger Air Transport
78111800 Other Passenger Transport
Train, boat
78111803 Chartered Bus Services
78111804 Taxicab/Car Shuttle Services
78111807 Parking and Toll Fees
78111808 Vehicle Rental
Car, SUV, mid-sized van rental up to 10 people
78111850 University/Vehicle Stipend
78111898 Personal Car
78180100 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services
80101500 Business, Corporate Mgmt. Consult. Svcs
Including management advisory services and business administrative services such as website for career, etc.
80101900 Independent Contractor, General
Can be company or person; can be grant related. Travel included
80101910 Independent Contractor, Intercollegiate Athletics
80110000 Human Resources Services
80111600 Temporary Personnel Services
80120000 Legal Services
80121900 Legal Settlements
80130000 Real Estate Services
80131501 Residential Rental
Apartment, building or space rental for long term personal or departmental residence; including any utilities used/paid for during rental
80131502 Facility Rental, General
Event Space Rental; Usually short term/one to five days; including any utilities used/paid for during rental
80131510 General Equipment Rental
Including construction equipment; Does not include rentals for event functions (80141607)
80140000 Marketing and Distribution
Explanation: the company prints and distribute, or send/mail/postage material
80141605 Promotional Merchandise or Material
Explanation: the item is made for give-away; usually with department name and/or Kent State logo or wording
80141607 Event Management Supplies and Materials, not including Food/Beverage
Including candy, silverware, flatware, non-gift card prizes, decorations, flower arrangements, special equipment rental, fun-activities, etc. to support a function (student/staff/faculty)
80141609 Sponsorship of Event, Celebrity, or Exhibition
Including sponsoring a table at events
80141630 Sports Tickets
80141910 Conference or Webinar Fees or Registration
80161508 Document Shredding and/or Destruction Services
80161610 Vendor Refunds, General (Credits)
80161611 Non-Vendor Refunds, General
Including loan refunds to students; repayments
80161620 Service Fees, General
Including expedited card delivery
80161621 Service Fees, FlashCash
80300000 Foundation Transfers
81000000 Engineering, Research and Technology-Based Services
Including professional engineering services
81100100 Computer/IT Service Consulting
Including data extraction and collection
81110000 IT: Maintenance and Support, including Care agreements
Hardware or software support
81152000 Research Licensing
Including web-based/computer licensing for research
81161700 Telecommunication Services, including Conference Calls
Including voice; data; monthly plans; mobile communication services
81200000 Photocopier Maintenance and Agreement Support Services
Including department monthly usage or maintenance/support of copier; not support supplies (44120000)
81999999 Subawards
Including grant subcontracted of funds
82000000 Editorial Design, Graphic, and Fine Art Services
Concept of design; graphic consulting
82100000 Advertising or Media Services
Execution of design; including print, billboards, TV spots, radio spots
82121810 Printing, Binding, Publishing Services
Explanation: they print and send to KSU for distribution/mailing
83100000 Public Utilities
Not for cell phones (81161700), data (81161700), cable (83111800), trash/recycling (76121500), shredding (80161508)
83111800 Television Services, including Cable
84000000 Financial Services
Bond payments, interest to bank or principal; Debt Service fees; Loan payment; Does not include vendor refunds (80161610)
84111600 Audit Services
84130000 Payment for Insurance and Retirement Services
Including benefit payment; insurance premium
84131611 Property/Casualty Insurance
Including accident insurance
84131612 Taxes, Permits, and Fees, General
Includes all taxes if single line item
85000000 Healthcare Services
Lab testing, professional medical field assistance or services
86000000 Educational, Training Services, Educational Licensing and Certifications
Including medical training
86150000 Athletics Recruiting
86160000 Student Recruiting
86170000 Donor Cultivation - Advancement Opportunities
86220000 Athletics Camps, Refunds
86310000 Athletics Tournament Costs, General
86330000 Stipend Payments
Including travel scholarships; cell phone
86340000 Training Grants
Training with grant funds only
86350000 Honorariums, Committee Gifts, etc.
Including speaker payment for being honored at event or participating
90100000 Foodservice and Catering
Explanation: when payment goes to a food vendor
90111501 Lodging
Hotel, motel, lodge, resort
90121510 Athletic Team Travel
90121602 Visas and Homeland Security Services
Any payment for and to Homeland Security Services
90150000 Entertainment General
Including cultivation activities
91101800 Clothing/Costume Rental
91111500 Laundering Services
92100000 Public Order and Safety Services
92120000 Security and Personal Safety Services
93000000 Political and Civil Affairs Services
94000000 Organizations and Clubs
94101510 Membership Dues and Fees
For Dues and Fees associated with professional associations, societies, academic programs, clubs, unions etc.; Not for the support of club or organization-based events or activities (see 80141607 for event support or 81041910 for conference registration)
94101520 Subscriptions
Department magazines, journals, web-non-research-based (43310000 or 81152000), etc.
94101530 Library Periodicals and Electronic Resources
Library books, magazines, journals, DVDs, etc., including electronic format
96000000 General Resale
Anything that is bought for re-sell; computers, food, clothing, books, medical, etc.
97000000 Royalty Payments
99000000 Miscellaneous General Ledger Liability Payments
Including travel advances; subject payments; travel reimbursement; travel general for non-employee