Independent Contractor

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Individuals who contract to provide services for the university may sometimes be classified as independent contractors, rather than as employees.  In order to comply with federal and state laws, the following process must be followed when engaging the services of an independent contractor:

     1.  Before any services are rendered, submit the electronic 
          HR Independent Contractor Determination Form.  Attach a copy of the proposed contract with the   
          independent contractor to this form.  If the individual providing services does not have a standard   
          contract, the Independent Contractor Terms of Agreement may be used.

          PURPOSE:  This form is reviewed by Human Resources in order to determine whether or not the
          individual is an independent contractor or should be classified as an employee.  Once a determination
          has been made, an email will be sent indicating whether or not the individual has been approved 
          as an independent contractor.

     2.  Within 30 days of the independent contractor's start of service, the
          OPERS Independent Contractor Acknowledgement (PEDACKN) must be completed and signed.

          PURPOSE:  To comply with State of Ohio Senate Bill 343 Sec. 145.038.

     3.  Once the services have been rendered and it is time to pay the independent contractor, the following
          paperwork must be submitted to Accounts Payable:
               a.  Completed and signed check request form
               b.  Copy of the HR Independent Contractor Determination Form email
               c.  Copy of the fully signed contract (or Independent Contractor Terms of Agreement)
               d.  PEDACKN

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