Education Abroad Cost Calculator

If you plan on studying abroad for any period of time, you can calculate your estimated program costs as well as your estimated financial aid using the Cost Calculator.  This step by step tool will use your information to estimate total out of pocket expenses or an estimated refund for current or future terms.

Follow these three simple steps to calculate your study abroad costs:

Step 1

Enter the requested information for the program that you are seeking.  The program and cost information can be found on the Education Abroad website.  If you plan on studying in Florence, the information will populate for you.

Costs* can include tuition, program fees, field trip fees, housing, transportation (airfare and local), meals, personal expenses, books and supplies.  You can utilize airline sites to get an estimate of airfare rates and cost of living websites to get a general idea of the cost of meals and living expenses.  Examples include:


Enter the financial aid you have been awarded for the semester you will study abroad.  You can find your financial aid information on your FlashLine account.  If you are attending one semester (Fall or Spring) be sure to enter the information for that term only.  Click Calculate Total Financial Aid Awards to total all the awards you are receiving.


Click to review your total out of pocket expenses or estimated refund.

Federal financial aid is awarded based on the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Students can also use alternative loans, and in certain circumstances, scholarships to study abroad.

Calculating Summer Financial Aid

In order to receive financial aid of for the summer term, complete the Enrollment Plans Q&A on your FlashLine account.  By submitting your summer enrollment status, your financial aid will be automatically awarded.  The amount awarded will be dependent on the number of credit hours enrolled.  All federal direct loans will be automatically split evenly over the summer, fall and spring semesters.  If you need to update your enrollment plans, refer to the Summer Financial Aid Information page.

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*The Cost Calculator does not include the new Tuition Guarantee rates beginning Fall 2018.  For more information on these rates, please visit Tuition and Fees website.