Are there any forms I need to complete while I'm away?

If you were on an exchange, ISEP, direct enrollment, or third party program, then the Student Financial Aid Office will need the Start of Semester Learning Agreement and End of Semester Learning Agreement from the semester(s) abroad. Within the first 30 days of your semester abroad the Financial Office requires that the Start of Semester Learning Agreement to be completed with the courses and credit hours you are enrolled in, and signed by the Host Coordinator. In the last 30 days of your semester abroad, you are required to complete the End of Semester Learning Agreement. This document lets the Financial Aid Office know which courses were completed and credit hours earned. It needs to be signed by the professors of the listed courses and then signed by the Host Coordinator. We will require confirmation of the completed courses in order for your financial aid to disburse in the future. If you do not complete the End of Semester Learning Agreement, a transcript can be submitted in its place.