Education Abroad Guest Students

A guest student is defined as someone who is visiting from another American institution wishing to study abroad with one of Kent State's study abroad programs.  Guest student status would be selected when applying for admission to Kent State University.  Current Kent State degree-seeking students are not considered guest students.

Guest Students and Financial Aid

Guest Students are not eligible for any financial aid through Kent State University. Financial aid can only be taken at the institution granting the student's degree.  Students can contact their home institution's financial aid office to see if they would be eligible for financial aid to be used at Kent State.  Kent State does accept Ad Hoc Consortium Agreements from other schools.  Agreement forms can be submitted using the Contact Us button found on the One Stop for Student Services website or mail to:

One Stop for Student Services
PO BOX 5190
Kent, OH 44242-0001

Guest Students and Bill Payment

Guest student's studying abroad who are being billed to Kent State are still required to follow Kent State's payment due date.  The completion of the Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement with your home school and Kent State does not work as a financial guarantee, and often does not contain information on how much financial aid you will be receiving at your home school.  It is your responsibility to make a payment to your Kent State account, or contact the One Stop for Student Services with proof of financial aid by Kent State's payment due date.  If your home school will not release your financial aid in time to pay Kent State by our payment due date, your classes will be subject to cancellation, and you may be charged a late fee.  Therefore, it is important to check with your financial aid office on their disbursement date.

If your school's disbursement date is after Kent State's payment due date, then you will need to request a financial aid statement or guarantee from your financial aid office stating the total amount of financial aid you will receive for the semester, and when the money will disburse to you or to Kent State University.  This statement can be submitted to the One Stop for Student Services as proof of payment to prevent course cancellation and penalties.  This should be done in a timely manner, before the payment due date. 

If you are not using financial aid to pay your Kent State bill, online payments can be made.