Instructions for Submitting Enrollment Plan Questions on FlashLine


You will receive an email to your Kent State email address when you are able to submit your enrollment plans via FlashLine.

Please start a new browsing session in Google Chrome for the best results when answering these questions.

Follow the steps below for troubleshooting when completing the questions.  You can also watch this video  and view a guide to help you through this process.

  • Use Google Chrome as your web browser
  • Log out of FlashLine in any previous browsing session
  • Open a fresh Google Chrome window
  • Complete the following steps:
    • Under Settings > Privacy and security
    • Clear browsing data
      • Clear History, Cookies and Cache
  • Log back into FlashLine after the above steps have been completed
  • Navigate to the Financial Aid Enrollment Plan Questions
    • Student > Finances > Scholarships & Financial Aid > Financial Aid Enrollment Plan Questions


Complete the FAFSA here

More information on the financial aid process can be found at on our FAFSA informational page.

New First Year Students: 

  • New First Year Students do NOT need to complete the Enrollment Plan Questions.  New First Year Students who plan to enroll in summer must update their start term to Summer 2024 with the Admissions Office at their admitting campus.

College of Podiatric Medicine Students: 

  • College of Podiatric Medicine Students do NOT need to complete the Enrollment Plan Questions.

All Other Students:

  • Log into FlashLine and select Student from the main menu
  • Under Finances, click on Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Click on the highlighted area "Financial Aid Enrollment Plan Questions"
  • Answer each question and click Submit until you have completed all questions

Complete and submit all questions to indicate your enrollment plans for the 2024-2025 academic year.​​​​


Students who submitted enrollment plans on FlashLine will be reviewed for financial aid eligibility according to the responses you submitted.  Please check Flashline for updated information about your offered financial aid for 2024-2025.  Financial Aid processing may begin in late April for students who have submitted their plans for enrollment. This date may change due to unexpected delays from Federal Student Aid. View instructions on how to navigate FlashLine.

If you submitted your enrollment plans but were not offered financial aid by the end of May, then you may have an outstanding requirement that is preventing your account from being reviewed for financial aid eligibility.  Some issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Outstanding financial aid requirements (for example, Verification)
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Q: What if I submitted my answers online and changed my mind or need to make changes?

A: Students who need to make changes to enrollment plans should return to FlashLine.  Navigate to:  Student; Finances; Scholarships & Financial Aid; Financial Aid Enrollment Plan Questions.


Students are encouraged to submit their Enrollment Plans to ensure accurate eligibility of financial aid for the upcoming year.  To be offered financial aid, students must meet all basic eligible criteria to receive financial aid.  Please follow the instructions above to submit your enrollment plans.


Please see the Summer Financial Aid Information page for more details on the summer financial aid process.