Exit Counseling

The Department of Education requires all students who have received a Federal Direct Loan from Kent State University to complete Exit Counseling. A student must complete Exit Counseling when they exit the university, drop to less than half time enrollment status or graduate. Exit Counseling informs you of your rights and responsibilities regarding the repayment process. It is extremely important to budget for your upcoming loan payment now even though your loan payment will not start until 6 months after you graduate, withdraw or fall below half time enrollment.

Next Steps and Repayment

  • View the Navigating Loan Repayment video created by the Kent State University Student Financial Aid Office.
  • Complete Exit Counseling at StudentAid.gov.
    • You will need your Department of Education FSA ID to access your Exit Counseling information.
    • View a Federal Student Aid video on how to complete Exit Counseling.
    • View a how-to Kent State University video on how to complete Exit Counseling.
  • Find your Direct Loan servicer and view current borrowed loan amounts, visit StudentAid.gov.
  • Create online account with your Direct Loan servicer
    • A servicer is a company that handles the repayment process of your loans for the Department of Education.
  • Work with your loan servicer to determine your repayment plan.
  • Visit the Repayment Estimator.  This will give you an accurate estimate of a monthly payment for your Direct Loans. 

Questions regarding this information may be directed to the One Stop for Student Services.