External Scholarship Sites

There are several online scholarship search programs available to students. It is important to realize that these databases only identify scholarships that the student would potentially be qualified to apply for. Students must follow-up on their own to actually submit a scholarship application to the appropriate agency or sponsor.

Scholarship Search Programs and Reviews

scholarships.com 10 Student information, academic information, artistic/athletic information, background information, organizations. Customizable Sort This site's main forte is scholarships, and its a good place to search for them.  Being able to order your search results by relevance to you is very helpful. There is also an area for 'Scholarship Sweepstakes' and 'Contests'.
collegeboard.com 5 Student, background and school information, in addition to military relations. Alphabetical Sort Collegeboard.com is a great site to search for scholarships. It is geared toward high school students. The scholarship search provides numerous results and the only draw back is having to click on each scholarship to review its amount and requirement. 
collegeanswer.com 3* Detailed student information, school information, activities and/or jobs. Deadline Sort This is a good site generating more specific results. Collegeanswer.com does not produce a lengthy list of results; however, based on more extensive criteria, the results are more relevant than other sites. If you have the time to click on each scholarship, there is a detailed description of each one - including contact information. 
fastweb.com 10-15** Student and academic information, in addition to student activities and family/parent information. Read/Unread; Name; Amount; or Deadline Fastweb.com is the most well-known and a very good site to start your scholarship search. It has detailed information page with links to the sponsor's site. It has lots of scholarships and it keeps an updated list of scholarships. The site will send an email when new scholarships are available and when deadlines are approaching. Be prepared for pop-ups and advertisements. 
petersons.com 10 You must complete a profile to start the search. Student, high school and college information, in addition to activities and awards. Name This is a good site and displays deadlines, amount and type of award for each scholarship. Selecting a scholarship will give you detailed information, including the requirements. You can save the scholarships that you like to your own list, so you can go back to them at any time. 



10 profile

Student, academic and extracurricular information, in addition to affiliations and miscellaneous.  Name, amount, deadline or number of awards available Formerly known as Lunch-Money.com. Previously a nice feature that you can do searches on based on the criteria you entered. For example: Just geographic information, or just heritage/religious information. Choose the scholarships you want to save and they are added to your briefcase, where you can look back on them at any time. You can also apply for some scholarships fright from your scholarship page. 
collegedata.com 10-15 Personal information, college plans and academic information. Random The beginning of this page gives you very clear instructions on how to use the scholarship search. The results on this page are listed in a well organized way. There is an easy way to reach the chart. There may be many results, Selecting the individual scholarships to provide a more detailed discussion. Overall the site is easy to navigate and returns a respectable number of scholarships. 

*3 minutes for each account; 15-20 minutes for scholarship search.
**10-15 minutes per profile. You must register to do the search.