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Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study Awards and Eligibility

Type Amount Who is Eligible How to Apply
Federal Work Study (FWS) Average for freshmen $2,500,
Continuing students $3,000
Based on FAFSA results Search for student job with Career Exploration and Development
Graduate Assistantships Varies Based on FAFSA results Contact college department

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a type of self-help aid that must be earned. The FWS award will not be deducted from the student's bill. A student will receive a bi-weekly paycheck based on hours worked.

A student not awarded FWS may search for a university funded student job. To search and apply for a university funded or FWS student job, go to the Career Exploration and Development website.

A student MUST be enrolled at least half-time during fall and/or spring semesters to use FWS.  Undergraduates considered half-time are enrolled 6 or more credit hours.  Graduates considered half-time are enrolled 4 or more credit hours.

If a Kent Campus student with a FWS award does not find an on-campus student job within the first two months after Fall semester classes begin, the FWS award for that school year may be canceled.