Ineligible Degree

Federal regulations stipulate that a student must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program to receive federal Title IV financial aid, including federal Direct Student Loan and federal Direct PLUS Loans.  An eligible program is one that leads to a degree or certificate.  Kent State University academic policy states that students must officially declare a degree granting major by the semester immediately following the completion of 45 Kent State University earned credit hours.  Students with 60+ earned or attempted hours who are still in a non-degree granting program (including the Exploratory major and pre-majors) must declare a degree granting major or submit a copy of their Plan for Continuation of Study Form to the One Stop for Student Services.  This form must provide the deadline date or semester that the student will be granted an extension to declare a degree granting major.  The form must be signed by all appropriate individuals including an academic advisor and the College/Campus Dean’s designee.  The Plan for Continuation of Study Form is available only from academic advisors.   Completion of the Plan for Continuation of Study Form does not guarantee financial aid eligibility.