Scholarship Search Tips

Begin your scholarship search by gathering ideas from friends, family, and both academic and financial aid advisors. Investigate all prospective aid resources or sponsors of aid as soon as you identify them. A scholarship search is continuous process.

  • Contact business and industrial groups that provide services or products in your major or career field to determine if they sponsor students who are entering their profession or industry.
  • Check with your church, synagogue, or other religious affiliation for possible financial resources.
  • Check with your personnel office if employed, or your parent's or spouse's employer to inquire about possible scholarships.
  • Contact your local community leaders or chamber of commerce to determine if the community is sponsoring students in specific professions (medical students, engineers, teachers, etc.).
  • Contact national organizations which may offer scholarships to individuals with your cultural background, personal circumstances, interests, and skills.
  • Read newspapers, school papers, and bulletin boards for local scholarship opportunities.
  • Contact professional organizations related to your expected college major.
  • Discuss your scholarship search with University faculty and staff members.
  • Meet with guidance counselors, academic advisors, alumni, and fraternity/sorority members to discuss possible scholarship sources.

Remember to maintain a comprehensive view of your career goals when researching scholarships. Identify broad areas in a major or career field and pursue all related resources. For example, when looking for scholarship information as a business major inquire about resources available for banking, accounting, finance, business/administration, economics, public relations, marketing, insurance, etc.