Merit Scholarships for First-Time Year Students from Outside of Ohio for Fall 2021

You will be considered for the first-year student merit scholarships listed below if you apply to Kent State University by February 1, 2021, with the exception of the Honors Distinction Award.

Each merit scholarship is a four-year renewable award and students can receive multiple merit scholarships.

Merit scholarships can be applied only to tuition, instructional and general fees.

You must be classified as a non-Ohio resident for tuition, be a U.S. citizen, declare a bachelor’s degree-granting major, and plan to enroll full-time at the Kent Campus. Students admitted to an online Bachelor's degree program will be considered for the Academic Achievement Award and not the President's Achievement Award.

The latest cumulative high school GPA that can be used for merit scholarship purposes is the 7th semester high school GPA. Students admitted before the end of their 7th semester can submit an updated transcript by February 1, 2021, for scholarship reconsideration. Kent State will use the highest cumulative GPA on your high school transcript (weighted or unweighted).

You are not required to provide ACT or SAT test scores to be considered for admission, merit scholarships, or the Honors College program. However, if you choose to provide test scores as part of your admissions application, the latest test scores that will be accepted for scholarship purposes is December 2020. Test scores taken after December 2020 will not be considered in the scholarship review process.

Consideration for each merit scholarships in competitive.  Merit scholarships are not guaranteed.

President’s Achievement Award

  • Annual awards range from $4,000 - $12,500

Honors Distinction Award

  • Students with a minimum 3.7 cumulative high school GPA will be invited to apply to the Honors College.
  • Priority given to students admitted by December 1, 2020 and who apply to the Honors College by December 15, 2020. 
  • All other students will be considered if they are admitted by February 1, 2021 and apply to the Honors College by February 15, 2021.
  • Must be admitted to, enroll and participate in the Honors College program.
  • Annual award: $2,000

Founders Scholarship

  • Requires minimum 4.0 cumulative high school GPA.
  • Students admitted to the Honors College are given priority consideration.
  • Annual awards range from $1,000-$2,000

Oscar Ritchie Memorial Scholarship

  • Available to African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino students
  • Annual award:  $2,500

Many Colleges and departments offer scholarship opportunities. These scholarship programs often require a separate application. Use the Kent State Scholarship Search to look for additional scholarships for which you may be eligible to apply.

Kent State University makes every effort to provide accurate, timely and current information. However, the University reserves the right to change without notice any statement due to federal, state or institutional changes in policies, procedures or regulations.