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Signing Your MPN - Grad PLUS


Electronic Graduate PLUS Application and Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note Requirements

Graduate students who are interested in borrowing the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan must complete the Electronic Graduate PLUS application and Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) at

You will need your Department of Education FSA ID to Sign In and request the Graduate PLUS loan. During the Graduate PLUS application process, you will be prompted to complete the electronic PLUS Master Promissory Note. You will be asked to provide address information and references.

Entrance Loan Counseling for Graduate PLUS Borrowers

Entrance Loan Counseling is required for all Graduate PLUS borrowers. Entrance Loan Counseling will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a graduate PLUS loan borrower. Entrance Loan Counseling must be completed on the website.


Use the chart below to determine when to submit your electronic Graduate PLUS application to the Department of Education. The PLUS credit evaluation is valid for only 90 days. If your credit decision expires before Kent State processes the PLUS loan, you will need to reapply with the Department of Education.

Grad PLUS Loan Submission Dates
Semester Attending Apply for Grad PLUS Loan
Summer April 15
Fall June 15
Fall and Spring June 1
Spring November 15